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Bodaboda Rider Suspended for Three Months for Falling in Love with Colleague’s Wife


A bodaboda rider has earned himself a three-months suspension for falling in love with his fellow rider’s wife.

Geoffrey Okot Amuti, a bodaboda rider belonging to Pader Town Council Bodaboda Riders’ Association in Pader district started serving his suspension from May 22, 2024 after a committee of the bodaboda riders’ association found him guilty of having secret love affairs with any of his colleagues’ wives.

In a letter dated May 22, 2024, signed by association chairperson Robert Oneka, association disciplinary committee Ben Mark Oyoo and association secretary James Akena Ojara, it stated that Okot’s suspension came after the investigations done by the committee found him guilty that he violated the association by-law article 14 section (17).

It states, “No member is entitled to disorganize the family of his or her fellow bodaboda rider through falling in love with the wife of his or her comrade or be in position to connect the comrade’s wife to someone else.”

“The office is therefore, informing the entire members and customers that the above mentioned person (Geoffrey Okot Amuti) is out of bodaboda work until when you will be informed in writing,” reads part of the suspension letter.

Copy of the letter suspending Okot.

Okot is therefore advised to comply in order to avoid further inconveniences. Failure to comply, Okot will be liable for fines or other disciplinary actions in the next step as prescribed in the constitution.

Richard Kakooza, a rider, has informed this publication that bodaboda riders are known for destroying people’s families by seducing their female customers into love affairs.

Kakooza has therefore called upon the rest of the bodaboda stages and associations out there to copy a leaf from their colleagues in Pader so that they can come up with punitive actions for those who happen to land into the traps.


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