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Boosie Badazz Bonds with Summer Walker’s Mother on Plane Encounter


It’s no surprise that boozy badass spends a lot of his time traveling meaning that he’s on and off airplanes pretty frequently well this might be a hassle for the Louisiana born performer on occasion he recently made a new friend on a flight who seemed to have made his

Trip boozy took to Twitter earlier today to reveal that he ran into summer Walker’s mother on a plane and had a great experience according to boozy he even got to sit next to her which seemingly made him miss his mom sit next to at I ammer Walker on the plane Boo’s tweet

Begins such a sweet lady us celebrities have great moms I miss my mom and I’ll see you soon at marra boozy calls summer Walker’s mother a sweet lady while Boo’s back on good terms with his mother now their relationship hasn’t always been smooth sailing last year he revealed that his

Lawsuit against his brother as well as young blue caused them to stop talking for a bit fortunately however he reunited with his mother and other family members over the holidays he even dropped $50,000 on Christmas presents for his loved ones last year sharing a sweet message about the reunion on

Instagram back with Moma honor thy mother and father and no matter what he wrote it seems as though boozy got along well with Summer Walker’s mother but he hasn’t always had nice things to say about her daughter a few years ago he put her on blast on social soci media he

Accused her of cheating on her ex London on DET TR after her then boyfriend lvrd Faro revealed that they had been in each other’s lives since 2014 what do you think of boozy badass revealing that he met summer Walker’s mother on a plane what about him claiming that he misses his own mom

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