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Rihanna’s Iconic Super Bowl Halftime Show Moment Immortalized in Madame Tussauds Wax Figure


The 2024 Super Bowl is just a few days away sports fans are excited to see if Patrick Mahomes can win his third ring and lead the Kansas City Chiefs to a second straight Super Bowl win but there’s also plenty of musical Intrigue not just because Taylor Swift is

Expected to be there to support her boyfriend Travis Kelce but also because the halftime show is one of the biggest stages in all of music this year Usher will bring his charismatic record of R&B hits to Las Vegas in a per performance music fans can’t wait for just as he’s about to

Make some new Super Bowl memories fans are Reminiscing on last year Rihanna took the stage in 2023 in one of her biggest moments of public exposure in years fans were divided on the performance where she worked through a number of Classics and announced her second pregnancy some fans came away from the

Performance disappointed after hoping she would deliver some kind of new music or a tour announcement but now Madame tuso Wax Museum in Orlando is giving fans a reason to think back on the performance check out the new wax figure they de be below Rihanna halftime show wax figure this isn’t Rihanna’s first

Wax figure in fact they’ve been making figures of her for decades now but this particular one commemorates one of the most memorable moments in her career when she broke the record for most watched halftime show of all time ultimately though all the hype and viewers didn’t trans into any new material for her

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Fans last month Rihanna and ASAP Rocky popped up throughout Paris fashion week they even got the chance to have a meeting with French president Emanuel macron while in the country what do you think of Rihanna’s newest wax figure of her Super Bowl performance last year do you think it’s accurate to how she

Looked during the actual show let us know in the comment section below

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