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BTL Exilis Elite (Satin Facelift)


BTL Exilis Elite (Satin Facelift)

Satin face lift with BTL Exilis Elite is an FDA-approved procedure that can deliver two different energies (monopolar radiofrequency and ultrasonic energy) at the same time from a single head. With this method, the energy applied to the skin surface is transmitted to every tissue and thus the collagen in the person’s body is completely stimulated. The stimulation process begins immediately after the satin face lift application. This effect, which can be seen and felt after the procedure, continues to increase every day. This procedure is defined as satin face lift aesthetics due to the increased smoothness in the appearance of the skin after the procedure, as well as a quality and bright skin appearance. Satin face lift aesthetics can be performed in all age groups. The procedure time varies between 20 minutes and 1 hour depending on the area to be applied and is applied once a week in 4-6 sessions. There are no problems that will affect daily life during and after the procedure.


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