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Rehabilitation of Neurological (Nervous System) Diseases


Rehabilitation of Neurological (Nervous System) Diseases

With the rehabilitation program for patients who have had a stroke, it is aimed for the patient to live a long-term, independent, safe, happy and high-quality life. Rehabilitation is a process that plays an important role in increasing the patient’s ability to perform daily functions within his own environment and improving his independent function, and helps the recovery of the nervous system.

What are the treatments applied in the neurological rehabilitation program?

What are the results of the rehabilitation program?

The average stay of a stroke patient in the rehabilitation unit is 4 weeks, and 54-80 percent of the patients can walk at the end of this period. Because the arm functions are more complex than the leg, arm rehabilitation is less successful than the leg. During the rehabilitation process, the arm recovers approximately 10-15 percent.


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