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Budaka Community Struggles with Classroom Shortage at Itangholi Primary School


Budaka Community Struggles with Classroom Shortage at Itangholi Primary School
PHOTO — Budaka Community Struggles with Classroom Shortage at Itangholi Primary School

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The pupils of Itangholi Primary School gather every day under the shelter of trees and a few dilapidated classroom blocks for their lessons in Budaka Town Council, Budaka District.

This community led school, established in 2004, lacks proper classrooms. With no alternative, the students endure harsh weather conditions while learning. The local community, burdened by the financial responsibility of running the school, now appeals to the government for assistance.

Richard Mukono, Chairperson of the Parents Teachers Association [PTA], highlights the community’s struggle. Over the past two decades, Itangholi Primary School has faced the challenge of inadequate classrooms. Currently, the school accommodates 367 pupils, relying on the dedication of the local community to sustain its operations.

Deputy headmaster Wilberforce Kalimo sheds light on the school’s origin. It emerged from the realization that children were dropping out due to the long distances to neighboring schools. Kalimo emphasizes the daily challenges faced by the students, from enduring scorching sun to seeking refuge from rain and strong winds under the nearby church during inclement weather.

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Situated in Kibali Village, Budaka Ward, approximately 8km from Budaka Town, the school serves as a beacon of hope for education accessibility in the area. Despite its humble beginnings, Itangholi Primary School hosts classes from Primary One to Primary Six. Eight dedicated teachers, supported by the community, undertake the task of educating these students.

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Reports indicate the dire shortage of essential resources at the school. With only 10 desks available, Primary Six learners are fortunate, while their counterparts in lower grades sit on the ground during lessons. However, despite these challenges, parents like Janet Pamela appreciate the school’s presence. For many children, accessing basic education would be impossible without Itangholi Primary School, as government-aided alternatives are located between 5km and 9km away.

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