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Bunyoro Kingdom Mourns Loss of Long-Serving Ritual Performer


Bunyoro Kingdom mourns long-serving ritual performer
PHOTO — X/Bunyoro Kingdom

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The passing of Ashraf Nyorano Mugenyi, the long-serving ritual performer of Bunyoro Kingdom, has left a profound impact on the community, with many mourning the loss of a dedicated servant of culture. Mugenyi, who served as Kabonerwa (ritual performer) for the reigning monarch since 1994, passed away at the age of 79.

Described as a man dedicated to service and a promoter of Bunyoro culture, Mugenyi played a pivotal role in conducting customary rituals whenever the king of Bunyoro-Kitara, Solomon Iguru I, made appearances.

Expressing the kingdom’s grief, Haji Burhan Kyakuhaire, the cultural affairs advisor, emphasized Mugenyi’s significant contribution, stating, “Mugenyi’s demise is a big blow to the kingdom. He has entirely served the king and the kingdom. His role was to lead the king wherever he goes and he did that very well.”

According to Muzamil Aheebwa, Mugenyi’s son, his father passed away at their residence in Butanjwa cell, East division in Hoima city due to complications from diabetes and high blood pressure, conditions he had been battling for some time. Mugenyi had spent his final week battling these illnesses after being discharged from Hoima Regional Referral Hospital, where he had been admitted.

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Mugenyi’s commitment to Bunyoro culture extended beyond his role as a ritual performer. He was a staunch advocate for the preservation and promotion of the Runyoro language and Bunyoro culture, emphasizing the importance of decent dressing and cultural values.

As a member of the Islamic community in Bunyoro, Mugenyi also played a significant role in Islamic affairs and was actively involved in various Islamic institutions.

In addition to his practical contributions, Mugenyi utilized platforms such as local radio stations, including Radio Hoima, to educate and raise awareness about Runyoro/Rutooro language and Bunyoro culture, leaving a lasting impact on the community he served.

The loss of Ashraf Nyorano Mugenyi is deeply felt within Bunyoro Kingdom, where he was regarded as a strong pillar and an embodiment of cultural pride and tradition.

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