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Police Officers Honoured During International Women’s Day Celebrations in Katakwi District


Police Officers Honored During International Women's Day Celebrations in Katakwi District
PHOTO — X/Uganda Police Force

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A total of seven police officers were honoured with medals in a ceremony held at Boma Grounds in Katakwi District to mark International Women’s Day. The event aimed to celebrate the contributions of women in law enforcement.

During the ceremony, one officer was recognized with a Diamond Jubilee Medal, symbolizing exceptional service and dedication over a significant period. Additionally, three officers were awarded the Long Service Medal, highlighting their commitment and loyalty to the police force over the years.

Two officers received the Meritorious Medal, indicating their outstanding performance and achievements in their respective roles within the force. Furthermore, another officer was presented with the Honorary Medal, recognizing her exemplary service and contributions to the community.

These awards serve as a testament to the dedication and hard work demonstrated by the honored officers in upholding law and order in Katakwi District, according to the awarding committee. Their commitment to duty and service deserves commendation, and these medals represent a token of appreciation for their efforts.

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“On this occasion, we extend our congratulations to the deserving recipients of these prestigious honors”, statement from the Police X Account read. “Their recognition not only highlights their individual accomplishments but also reflects the collective efforts of women in law enforcement in ensuring the safety and security of the community.”

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