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Butabika School of Psychiatric Clinical Officers Passed Out from Patriotism Training


The Butabika School of Psychiatric Clinical Officers has hosted a momentous event commemorating the International Women’s Day alongside the graduation of their latest batch of patriotism trainees.

Doreen Keita Kagabi, the Deputy RCC Kampala, graced the occasion with her remarks, emphasizing the significance of both women and patriotism in Uganda.

In her address, Kagabi hailed the pivotal roles women play in society and celebrated the strides made in gender equality.

She highlighted the importance of recognizing and honoring women’s contributions while also acknowledging the broader significance of patriotism in shaping national identity and unity.

Mukiibi Yasin from the Ministry of Education, commended Butabika School of Psychiatric Clinical Officers for instilling discipline and accountability through patriotism training.

Mukiibi emphasized the role of patriotism in fostering responsible citizenship and its positive impact on student performance.

The principal School of Psychiatric Clinical officers Nampogo Mathias reiterated the government’s commitment to promoting patriotism education in schools, recognizing its role in building a cohesive and prosperous nation.

The event served as a reminder of the values of gender equality and national unity, highlighting the importance of celebrating both Women’s Day and patriotism in Uganda’s societal fabric.

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