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Cam’ron Declares Taylor Swift Surpasses Kanye West in Star Power


Cameron has no doubts about Taylor Swift’s immense popularity going so far as to say she now outshines Kanye West during an episode of it is what it is that aired on Tuesday February 13th the show’s co-hosts discussed the now disputed rumor that you was kicked out

Of the super bll due to his proximity to Taylor Swift tried to diss that young lady years ago and she ain’t forget about it Cam said referring to the infamous incident from the 2009 bmas she don’t want to be seen with you let alone the Super Bowl screen that man

Got up there embarrassed Taylor Swift at them Awards tried to go Beyonce Crazy Taylor Swift since that moment became a an astronomical Superstar Awards on top of awards record sales on top of record sales and now to me at this particular Point Taylor Swift is a bigger star than

Kanye he added there’s a reason the NFL is showing her 17 times a game each and every week that’s just my opinion in I believe with all this stuff going on with Kanye now his celebrity kind of died down Kanye just put a n album out

Last week I didn’t even know listen to cam share his thoughts on the 34-year-old Titan at the 1441 Mark below hhdx YouTube video player play button YouTube video Cameron says Taylor Swift has eclipsed cone West I didn’t even know he had an album out last year the

Dipset MC weigh in on off-the-wall antic suggesting that they’re calculated the sports media personality sat down for an interview with all the smoke co-hosts Matt Barnes and Steven Jackson in December where he was asked to share the first thoughts that came to mind when he heard the name Kanye West

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Kanye he play Crazy with who he want to play Crazy with you know what I’m saying that end Go’s crazy when it’s convenient he said prompting laughs from the former NBA duo with Jackson saying he agrees wholeheartedly cam furthered his argument by saying that he himself has

Never encountered the side of the Yeezy mogul’s personality that often stirs up controversy I seen Kanye about a year and a half 2 years ago the Enga was saying as a he added before recalling that the Chicago native asked him if he wanted beats two days later he

Going crazy on the news and all type of every time I seen Kanye he’s perfectly fine I’ve never seen the crazy Kanye personally

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