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Meek Mill Cuts Ties with Vory Amid Allegations of Domestic Abuse


Meek M has severed his ties with VOR following allegations of domestic abuse against the Grammy winning singer home security videos that surfaced online on Tuesday February 13th capture heated encounters between VOR and his partner inside their home including one instance where he threatens to have her killed

The following day Meek took to Twitter SLX to denounce any association with him including his prior signing to the Philadelphia natives Dreamchasers imprint this guy is not a Dreamchaser Meek wrote he has a mental problem we cutting ties we don’t care how your music sound he been ducking my

Calls for months telling people I’m threatening him stopped a lot of people dude he is not Dreamchaser in a followup post he added I’m disconnected from all these wild ass people while it’s lit out here life kind of serious hold your folks tight every time somebody in the Rob him he call me

And I got to politely call people I rock with to assist him while he biting my back I rather disconnect from people like that y’all people out here manipulating everybody going to suffer that’s a bad game to play in one of the surfest clips bori real name to Bor

Holland Jr is seen shouting aggressively at his girlfriend with whom he shares a child and backing her down I’m not doing that you don’t run this I do I do I do I do he can be heard shouting while his girlfriend who is holding their dog walks backwards and pleads with him to

Stop another video finds the former Dreamchaser s ordering his partner to remove her phone’s access to their home security camera before warning her I will literally get you killed for real B’s girlfriend detailed the singer’s alleged abuse in a lengthy post on her Instagram stories claiming she has

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Footage of him punching her in the face and spitting on her Ator you are a disgusting person she wrote you want to paint me out to be this SL bad person when it’s you I don’t want to be with you or take your Valentine’s Day

Gift or spend time with you as a family because of all this you’ve put me through for 2 years so you go on social media to tell lies and try to spread this false narrative stop playing on my name before I post the videos of you

Punching me in the face spitting on me and threatening to kill me while pregnant I have all of those videos show people who you really are this man is a professional liar manipulator and narcissist she added the proof is public simply Google what he has current court

Cases for and that’s only two of The 100 times he’s done this if y’all want to support a man that abuses pregnant women or women in general that’s between you and God bori has yet to respond to the allegations but he released a new song called why lie on Wednesday February

14th on which he alludes to relationship troubles hip hop DX has reached out to vor’s team for

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    yo bro meek the btch dont cre about you

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    murder was the case that gave me murder was the … o0 domestic he nto dream chaser baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa menal porbem frika … i got beats i got beats pop smokes not dead his ghost here does it live see dave east is relay west styles p sell the tims its all backwards stupidos

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