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Can Museveni Defeat Among  In His Plan To Disgraced ParliamentaryCommissioners?


There’s an African proverb that says, “If your enemy escorts the person who owes you a debt, it may be a clever tactic to settle the debt, but beware of their true intentions.” This implies that the enemy’s actions may seem helpful on the surface, but there could be hidden motives or ulterior purposes that need to be considered. It’s essential to remain cautious and vigilant in such situations.

As we speak now what is happening at the August house every member pretendes to be supportive to the escalating controversy surrounding how members of the Parliamentary Commission allocated themselves taxpayers’ money to the tune of over Shillings 1.7Bn seemed to be about forgotten until it emerged on Tuesday, May, 21 that a group of MPs had kickstarted a process to impeach the disgraced Honourables from the positions.

According to an update shared by The Daily Monitor, MPs Theodore Ssekikubo (Rwemiyaga), and Sarah Opendi (Tororo)? Joseph Ssewungu Gonzaga (Kalungu West), Patrick Nsamba Oshabe (Kassanda North) and Yorke Alioni Odria (Aringa South) are reported to be the key names behind the censure process.

The Commissioners of Parliament are accused of allegedly sharing of Shs1.7 billion taxpayers money as a service award’.

The Commissioners in trouble, are Mathias Mpuuga Nsamba (MP Nyendo – Mukungwe), Esther Afoyochan (Zombo Woman MP), Solomon Silwanyi (Bukooli Central MP) and Prossy Mbabazi Akampurira (Rubanda Woman MP).

Each of the members of the Commission is said to have pocketed Shs. 400M while Mathias Mpuuga, then Leader of the Minority Government acquired an extra Shs.100 million to make it 500M.

Opposition party, National Unity Platform (NUP) initiated punitive measures against their own- Mathias Mpuuga a couple of months ago on hearing about the: service award” which they have insisted was an act of corruption.

The continued silence from the ruling party on the matter had always invited discomfort from both within and outside the party.

Upto now the office of the President have not yet clarified on the purported letter said to be authored by the President after surfacing on the different social media platforms calling for answers over the manner in which the officers shared the money, calling it a “primitive accumulation of wealth.”

“When we were fighting Obote and Amin, we used to call it primitive accumulation of wealth.

“Why? Officials under those regimes were trying to get for themselves as much money as possible in the quickest time possible, in the easiest way possible. We used to ask them, ‘Where does this leave your country?’” The letter purported to have been written by the President read in part.

“A total of Shs1,700,000,000  (One billion, seven hundred million) was shared between Hon Mathias Mpuuga and the three NRM-nominated Commissioners,” he said. “Were you aware of these ‘awards’? Or the Attorney-General does not need to know about this. If you were aware, did you advise that it was legal?”

The letter alleged that the Prime Minister and Finance minister had told the President they only learnt about the cash bonanza in the news, even when they are members of the Parliamentary Commission.

“How can Parliamentary Commissioners, who apparently earn more than other MPs, award themselves all that money?” he asked.

The remarks in the strongly worded letter by the veteran Head of State had served as a ray of hope to many who had always hoped justice would come from him. A notice issued by the President’s Press Unit the following day, however, seemed to wash away all the hope.

“The letter circulating on social media purportedly authored by the President on the subject of service awards to Parliamentary Commissioners is forged and should be ignored,” the notice read in part.

The wording in the letter, however, very much looked like it was from the Presudent without any doubt, let alone the signature which many throughout was hard to forge.

Museveni’s Bush war personal Physician, Col Kizza Besigye was quick to question the authenticity of the notice disowning the earlier one attributed to the President insisting the missive purported to have been issued by the Head of State very much looked like his [Museveni’s]

A publication by different Online News Website served to draw more public doubt over whether the contested letter was really not issed by the President. They reported that the same letter had been confirmed by some sources within State House before it was disowned.

“State House’s disowning of the widely publicised letter comes as a surprise to many considering that a section of the Presidency staff had earlier confirmed the same with various media.

The brief statement, simply signed off by “Management”, did not indicate whether the Presidency was investigating the source of the now controversial letter.

Instead, it leaves a nation in a cloud of confusion and the authenticity of the various Presidency letters in doubt since, besides the digital signature and headed paper, they do not contain any official symbols.” Media wrote in the aftermath of the later State House issued statement.

Also the names behind the push for the censure raises questions. Ssekikubo particularly has severely been believed to be Museveni secret errand boy on special, classified assignments. The motor mouthed lawmaker is even rumoured to have been the President’s adopted son who even studied on the fat purse of StateHouse. It, thus makes some sense why, despite leading the rebel front of MPs in NRM, his position in Rwemiyaga has always remained intact. Others are Sarah Opendi, a former Minister and a dependable Member of the ruling party.

That the group could be consciously serving the interests of the highest office of the land is not hard to believe. Museveni has been so outspoken on the issue of senior public officers swindling public funds with greed.

With his recent outbursts on the allegations against Speaker, Anita Among following sanctioning by the UK government, one cant fail to connect the current saga involving the shame faced Legislators.

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