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The formation of any fruitfull project that can benefit generations and generations that comes after the founders is examined at it’s Aims, objectives and more so the ideology… Now for any starter if your define the mess and escalating hatchets in NUP, the root cause of the beginning of its end.

Political parties start from scratch with one or two brains championing its course to growth in order to meet its sacred objectives. However, when one critically disects and analyses NUP inception, it arose from a pressure group (People power) whose sole aim and objective was to expose peoples misery and suffering under the hands of General Museveni with Kyagulanyi aka Ghetto president.

Leading the struggle while riding on fame of music lyrics to sting and deliver the message to the populace. Within a short while, People Power swept the feet of many thereby making a sizeable numbers joining national parliament. Amongst them were a small group of intellectuals with vast political experience as active party members of DP, FDC and NRM defectors plus career music artists.

This political evolution, necessitated for the formation of a political party, and suddenly Mzee Kibalama was contacted. During this quick process, handshakes were exchanged and changed, People Power turned into NUP with no concrete baseline and benchmarks put in place.

It was like the fall of SNOW, in the desert, with hope and excitement in the air, Bobi Wine’s led NUP now aimed at dislodging the NRM from State house as top priority. How organised, disciplined, strategic and focussed they were was not a priority as all the occupants on the NUP vehicle took oath as MPs not cabinet ministers or president.

The clique of the intellectuals mainly came from DP Block or MENGO establishment representing Buganda’s interests with the Catholic church and Mengo being their main backers. The likes of Merdad Lubega Seggona, Mathias Mpuuga, Moses Kasibante, Muwanga Kivumbi though a muslim…

This was not news however excitment it caused, even FDC also had intellectuals NRM sent infiltrators to do NRM party work. Then the Ghetto henchmen, artists like Jose Chameleone, Hilderman the list is long were a separate clique. NUP with an Umbrella as its symbol was seen as an inclusive and broadbased political party whose target was to remove Mr. Museveni and usher in a new era..

And that was the essence of the NUP STRUGGLE which became a MELTING POT with a composition of so many political VARIANTS operating under the Umbrella. Each of these groups held different experiences, professions, insight, and working ethics (different operating systems like smart phones) and interests.

So what broke NUP’s backbone was the least educated, those from the Ghetto, the musicians to ascend to Top party leadership, and then the defranchised elites who saw the new Umbrella opposition party as the only chance for them to rule this country couldn’t take it lightly to be driven in the Co-driver’s seat instead of them doing it.

Those from NRM and FDC sat in the passengers seats, for they were ready to take the orders from any one as long as they remained politically relevant. They feared to be called SABOTEURS, thence there silence and loyality worked miracles.

However they could swing to which ever side in unprinpled and irrational manner. The educated and experienced clique saw how grave party policies and decisions were being made but decided to wait for the right time to prove their worth that they cant stomach such high handed and bad political srewardship of the Ghetto clique.

Mind you Robert Kyagulanyi had given them hefty positions in NUP by virtue of their CVs, to bolster NUP image as party not for Goons only but all classes of people across the spectrum Its the very reason why Mathias Mpuuga become the LOP. This set up totally diaturbed principal who now had built a cult style of leadership amongst the foot soldiers, he got nightmares and chickened out in hearing anything the elites could utter (English), and do.

Infact he got paranoid and suspicious about what might transcend over time. Kyagulanyi decided to bring closer his Ghetto loyalists, family, workmates and old freinds in firebase of Kamwokya to protect his NUP Gold mine and leadership. No Ugandan should believe the lies peddled by the Ghetto clique including the Principal himself..

NUP was built on a porous and weak foundation making it not to live up to the expectation of all ugandans opposing the long NRM rule. They are trying to purge the elites through BLACK MAIL, CHARACTER ASSASINATION, DEROGATORY, STATENENTS, REDICULE and all sorts of Ghetto like tactics to stop internal democracy and fair competition for top party leadership come 2026.. With Kyagulanyi expecting top contest against HARD ROCK M7.

Why didn’t Kyagulanyi solve this 500 million saga in the board room than going in the open to paint his biggest competitor yellow and corrupt? That was black mail….Kyagulanyi has turned himself to be the police, prosecutor, the judge and jailer now in this Mpuuga saga. Those who adore him see nothing wrong with that..

What is bulit from glass doesnt last longer, however beautiful it might look like. All what glitters is not gold, so Ugandans, NUP is not what you truelly thought it is. Its start and ending shall speak louder, now its your right to do the shouting, insulting and black mailing, all those are APPS of the Ghetto clique.

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