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Catherine Kusasira Under Close Doctor’s Watch in Us


The lastest information coming from the United States indicates that renowned Ugandan singer , Catherine Kusasira is still being monitored by medical personnel to ensure that she gets back to her feet.

The news about Catherine Kusasira’s sickness went viral a few days after her social media pages shared by social media handler disclosing that singer had travelled a broad for the corrective procedure on her heart.

They further reportedly that she been struggling to breath because her heart is obstructed by far deposits.

The presidential advisor also had reportedly to undergo an operation that was said to be successful though she is still weak according to information gathered.

“Our dear Ugandans our Diva Catherine Kusasira had a Successful Operation Yesterday🙏🙏… Lets pray so that she gets a Haste recovery🙏🙏, Thank you so much Bodyguard Lilly Kissy Klapwijk and Ritah Kaggwa Blog for the Updates.. Though the information am receiving on the table that she’s so weak bambi!! “Social media handler disclosed.

Singer Catherine Kusasira underwent a successful heart operation in US

A number of artistes and her fans are sending in get well messages and prayers to the presidential advisor and Singer.


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