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Chiropractic (Spine Health)


Chiropractic (Spine Health)

What is chiropractic? Waist and spine disorders that negatively affect the quality of life are among the common health problems of many people. So that; 4 out of every 5 people suffer from neck, back and waist pain. In the treatment of the problem, a method that has become popular especially in recent times attracts attention: “Chiropractic.” Chiropractic, a Greek expression, means “manual practice”. With this method of treatment, the aim is to protect the body’s health naturally and improve its resistance by manually intervening in the spine. The most important principle of chiropractic treatment is to contribute to the patient’s activity and quality of life by increasing their functional capacity. In this direction, it is aimed to return the spine to its healthy position, to open the locked joints, and to eliminate the pressure on the pinched nerves. There is no surgical intervention, so it is a non-surgical method. In this way, the patient is protected from all possible side effects that surgery may bring, and thus, great comfort is brought to the patient’s life with cause-specific treatment.

How common is chiropractic?

Since its first use, chiropractic treatment has been used more and more widely in the treatment of musculoskeletal system and especially acute and chronic mechanically induced spine diseases. It may be considered new for Turkey, but it is a legally recognized practice in more than 100 countries, especially the USA. For example, the American Chiropractic Association has stated that chiropractic should be the first choice in the treatment of head, neck, back and lower back pain.

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Chiropractic treatment is based on the healing potential and ability of the spine and the nervous system that passes through it (spinal cord) itself, and the treatment actually uses this potential. The aim of chiropractic practices to improve the body’s ability to heal itself is to remove or correct imbalances and subluxations in the spine (called spinal joint dislocations or misalignments) through spinal manipulation (called spinal adjustments made with hands, special tools, special tables, or correction of the spine). Meanwhile; Spinal manipulation, device-associated spinal manipulation, spinal mobilization, modifiable lifestyle training, and soft tissue treatments are modalities used in chiropractic treatment. Chiropractic treatment is used for preventive purposes as well as for its therapeutic properties. As it is known, chiropractic treatment includes applications to the spinal cord system, which provides communication between the brain and the body, and the spinal system that protects it. All structures of the organism are controlled by neural impulses that start from the brain and pass through the spinal cord before being distributed throughout the body. Defects in the natural structure of the spine cause inadequacy in the communication network between the brain and the organism, and the organism becomes unable to maintain its functions. Chiropractic treatment intervenes in such unnatural situations in the spine and restores the body’s ability to control its impaired functions through the nervous system.

To whom is it applied?

Increasing acceptance by society and widespread use also support the effectiveness of chiropractic practices. According to patient surveys, chiropractic treatment is used more frequently than other branches of medicine and the satisfaction rate with the treatment is quite high. Today, we can say that chiropractic applications are mostly benefited by adults between the ages of 18-65, especially adults in working life. However, let us remind you that it can also be used on children and the elderly, provided that you are more careful. In chiropractic practices, regardless of age group, what to do after the treatment is as important as the treatment, because only in this way is a rapid recovery possible. The application made; Supporting it with practices such as physical therapy, appropriate exercises, injections to this area and teaching daily living activities increases the success of the treatment and prolongs the duration of recovery.

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In which diseases is it applied?

“Chiropractors can treat over 90% of all spinal diseases. “A significant proportion (20%-30%) of chiropractic patients in the United States recover within 11 sessions.”


When we look at the history of chiropractic treatment; We see that history is based on “semi-mystical concepts”. The birth date of chiropractic treatment is 1895 and DD Palmer is credited with its founder. Palmer also opened the first chiropractic school.


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