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Chris Brown and Quavo Share Awkward Moment at Paris Fashion Week


Chris Brown and quo may have been side by side over the weekend but that doesn’t mean their long-standing issues are resolved Breezy and the mikos member were seen sitting next to each other at the rude men’s were fall winter 2024 to 2025 showcase during Paris fashion week on Sunday January

21st a video appeared of the two stars sitting front row with quo notably on his phone for the duration of the short clip observers seemed surprised to witness the pairing given that issue between the two date all the way back to 2017 when Chris Brown’s Entourage reportedly got into a scuffle with Migos

Following a BET Awards after party following the rude show Brown took to social media to seemingly deny that he and quo were now friendly the rocket power rapper was not mentioned by name but the context seemed to make it clear who Brown was talking about can’t pick

Who you sit by he wrote in an Instagram comment all that gross and got not F to Fumble my bag for little Eng gas following the 2017 fight which some speculated was linked to rumors romantically linking quo and Brown’s ex karui Tran tensions between the pair spiked again in 2021 when Brown

Taunted quo following his victory in a celebrity 2 on two basketball tournament they knew who not to ask for on that two on two basketball Brown wrote on his Instagram stories I would have cooked quo and Jack harlo on my soul guess they wanted a smoke free zone Breezy’s post prompted a

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Response from quo who replied Chris Brown ain’t cooking Nan call next Anda undeterred the R&B singer came back again with ain’t no next I’m on now set it up lil Anda you know this work different the following year dating rumors between quo and kji again made headlines when the two were spotted

Having dinner together in West Hollywood Tran however told TMZ that their relationship was strictly platonic you just had to ask this karji laughed after the paparazzi asked if she was down to go on a date with quo we’re friends I’m single we’re having fun and enjoying life nothing is

Serious we have fun we’re friends this was 2 months after the two vacation together with friends in St

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