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Fabolous and Trey Songz Unleash Their Talents on Drake’s You Broke My Heart Beat in Latest Freesty


Fabulous joined forces with Trey songs for a new freestyle over the Beat from Drake’s 2023 song you broke my heart you did me wrong freestyle features the Dual laying vocals over one of the standout Beats from Drizzy for all the dogs scary hours Edition on the cut Fab WPS I’ve

Been balling like the Clippers lately SL thought I told you ho that I am the system/ few to the strippers lately slash if I let M go promise I don’t miss m the video shows the bad Boy Records alumni and songs cruising on a yacht in Australia accompanied by a number of

Women in bikinis this isn’t the first time fabulous has freestyled over a Beat by the six God last month he followed through on Drake’s open challenge for his peers to rap on Beats from scary hours 3 in November the 46-year-old dropped a short freestyle to give fans a

Glimpse of what he sounds like over a Drizzy instrumental less than a month later he came back with a ful length version of the same track titled Benz giving freestyle the full length tracks video kicks off with Fab in front of the Mercedes-Benz g54 Time 4 superscript 2

Aka the gclass squared he received for his 46th birthday just before Thanksgiving which he posted about on Instagram he remains committed the Ben’s giving theme throughout the song rhyming almost every line ending phrase with the title in other fabulous freestyle news the rapper hit the snooze button on his

Freestyle Friday series last week delivering his Bars 3 days late after suffering some technical difficulties following the 72-hour delay the Brooklyn native unloaded the clip of fiery bars filled with shrewd pop culture references and lyrical Jabs over a sample of sca’s infectious snooze Anthem had some technical difficulties

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This week but we hears Friday’s freestyle on a Monday happy MLK Day snooze freestyle he captioned a post on Instagram on it he spits don’t snooze and just the moment slash you with a winner now don’t lose like my opponents slash sex you back to sleep like I use

Some melatonin slash then that’s word to Chris Brown I’m deuces in the morning you did me wrong freestyle marks the second time Fab has released his weekly freestyle on a mon

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