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Chris Brown Says He’s Not Interested In Mainstream Acceptance, Teases 11 11


Chris Brown says he has no interest in mainstream acceptance and that his upcoming deluxe version of his album 1111 will Encompass 13 new songs he made the comments in a pair of posts on his Instagram story on Friday 11-11 Deluxe album will contain 13 new songs so altogether 35 songs drops 41s

Be 35 this year he began in one post from there he added I don’t want too be accepted from none of the main stream media and fake celebrities I am King in My Own Lane your fave ain’t got sh asterisk te on me and they know it a fin tap dance for

Approval you will beg forgiveness of me that I do know Chris Brown performs at Tycoon Music Festival Tycoon Music Festival Atlanta Georgia February 13th editor’s note image created using a star filter Chris Brown performs during Tycoon music festival at State Farm Arena on February 13th 2024 in Atlanta Georgia photo by Prince williams/

Wireimage his post comes after claiming the NBA removed from the All-Star Celebrity Game roster at the request of one of the event sponsors I was asked by the NBA to play in the All-Star Game this year only for them to call later and say they couldn’t do it because of their sponsors like

Ruffles Brown wrote on his Instagram story at the time at this point I’m sick of people bothering me and I’m tired of living in the F in past he also shared a screenshot of an email appearing to invite him to the game I posted the email so y’all could see the NBA still

Was trying to get me to come and sit Courtside not F iing happening Brown said Ruffles denied having any say in who participated in the event Chris Brown on mainstream acceptance Chris Brown IG image via Instagram at Chris Brown official Brown released 1111 as his 11th studio album back in November

2023 it features collaborations with maida Byron messia future Friday Davido and lo check out Brown’s latest post on Instagram

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