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Megan Thee Stallion’s Ex Friend, Kelsey Nicole, Attends Nicki Minaj Concert


Kelsey Nicole was in attendance at Nicki Minaj’s concert in Las Vegas on Friday night amid the rappers Feud with her former best friend Megan the stallion in a video Nicole posted on social media she sings along to Minaj’s moment for life with the caption you just had to be

There when live bitez shared the clip on Instagram users were quick to troll Nicole it’s giving clout Chaser one wrote another joke you did that interview and still talked to Nikki and you’re still in the same place laughing emojis why you didn’t get backstage passes from her Nicki Minaj performs on

The Pink Friday 2 tour her appearance at the show comes after opening up about her relationship with Megan during an interview on the Danza project last Sunday it took a lot for me to come and do this she said part of that is I wanted to be sure when I did speak that

I wasn’t speaking from a place of anger I’m able to articulate myself well enough and not allow the drama to over overshadow how I truly feel I think that’s very important I didn’t want to take an interview or sit down with anybody until I was past that part

Nicole added that she since decided to open up more and let people into my life a little bit and maybe this will help them understand me more maybe my story will help somebody else and I think it’s also part of the healing process maybe this will help check out her video from

Nicki Minaj’s concert below Kelsey dances to moment for life Megan and Nikki’s Feud began last month with Megan calling out Nikki’s husband Kenneth Petty for being a registered sex offender on the song his Nikki then fired back with the diss track Bigfoot be on the lookout for further

Updates on Kelsey Nicole and Megan the stall

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