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Chris Brown’s Unfiltered Appearance on Adin Ross Stream Earns Praise for His Mature Response


Chris Brown is someone who is certainly a polarizing figure in the music world overall there is a very good and obvious reason for that however he is someone who has been able to retain a fan base he has remained visible and he is constantly either going on tour or

Dropping new music in fact recent years have showcased his propensity for dropping albums with dozens of songs Brown has no interest in editing down and there is no suggestion he will go back to such a practice having said all of that brown was recently on stream with Aiden Ross the

Controversial kick streamer has had a difficult time getting musical guests as of late however in the past few weeks he has been able to secure appearances from both CB and rickross as is typically the case some of the subject matter on the stream was risque in fact one comment was read out

Loud by Brown and it caught him by surprise in the end he simply laughed it off and moved on Chris Brown X Aiden Ross subsequently the clip made its way to the neighborhood talk where Brown was praised for being in tune with his sexuality some people would have

Exploded at the commenter however Brown took it in stride for many this was a welcom sign of maturity love how he laughed and isn’t homophobic like half these hurt commentators one person wrote Chris seems very comfortable in his sexuality which is why he was a able to laugh and

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Move on love that for him said another there was certainly a staunch difference between the way he spoke and the way Ross reacted let us know what you thought of Brown’s appearance on Aiden Ross stream in the comments section below who should Aiden have on next additionally stay tuned to hnhh for the

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