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FBG Duck Murder Case as New Footage Emerges Amidst Guilty Verdict for O Block Residents


FBG Duck’s tragic murder in August of 2020 sent shockwaves through Chicago’s rap scene and its oblock neighborhood moreover following a long trial process and a lot of developments in this regard the case is still of high interest not only that but some clips recently surfaced of the incident both

Before and after although it’s hard to tell exactly what each of them displays seemingly it shows the shooting itself the culprits before and after it and when they arrived at their community around the time of the crime we advised viewer discretion for the shooting clip below as it places you right on that

Street furthermore you may have already heard that the court found six oock residents guilty of conspiring and carrying out FBG ducks murder with this years of Investigations testimonies conflicting narratives and loyalties resolved although the bigger picture is never that easy still many fans of Chicago’s hip hop scene and community

Members themselves can at least find a little solace in this Justice unfortunately though these problems are too broad to go away and thus folks hope that this can be a wakeup call that results in less violence in the area new footage emerges of FBG ducks murder FBG Duck’s mother

Had this to say about this verdict shortly after they left that hearing yes I feel like they served Justice look from being kicked out the courtroom three times to just allowing God to do his work and that’s all I’ve been is steal when stuff like that happened to a good person regardless of

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What somebody else think of them it ain’t gone go unpunished Vengeance I could never want another mother to feel like this to see they child shot down in the street like a dog okay they had an FBG Duck death party that’s how it meant to them they

Threw an FBG deck death party same thing that make you laugh gone make you’re a asterisk gast cry she concluded that’s all I must say about that knowing that they would not do that to another family brings me comfort knowing they will not terrorize nobody else they’re done the whole crew oblock

And everything of it is done they a asterisk asterisk is

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