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Robb Report Dives into Rick Ross’ Lavish Watch Collection, Unveiling Million Dollar Timepieces


Rappers are no strangers to extravagant jewelry and while chains may be the most common expensive watches are a close second there’s perhaps no rapper more associated with luxury time pieces than Rick Ross that’s why it’s no surprise that lifestyle publication robber Port took fans behind the scenes of Ross unbelievable

Collection though the video is just a few minutes long it features an incredible collection of pieces for fans to unpack among them are a pair of $3 million pieces first he shows off the billionaire 3 from Jacob and Company he also flexes a similarly expensive odmar pishu Royal

Oak self-winding emerald in a different section of the video he reveals that one of his watches a hubblet was actually gifted to him by Dr Dre Ross is no stranger to showing off his expensive pieces which he often does on social media it often causes fans to debate

Whether the nice watches are the best use of his money despite that people have continued paying attention as the new video has racked up more than 16k views in just a day Rick Ross luxury watch tour earlier this week Ross weighed into Political discussion with a video shared to social media that

Addressed Trump supporters directly let’s make it clear you vote for who you want to vote for it’s fine with me but one of my homies he was just like I can’t wait till Trump get back in here he had a an asterisk asterisk GA eaten Dot

And I just don’t want nobody to be a delusional you can’t be a delusional and asterisk asterisk G did he have you eating or was it a Nationwide worldwide pandemic and you and asterisk asterisk gas stole the money he says in the clip last year Rick Ross teamed up with Meek

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Mill for a feature-packed collaborative album called too good to be true despite the amount of talent involved the album undersold some fan expectations what do you think of Rick Ross of watch collection what’s your favorite piece he shows off in the video let us know in the comment section

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