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Megan Thee Stallion Sparks Controversy with Bold Diss Track ‘HISS’ in Early 2024


After a mostly quiet 2023 Megan the stallion set off a bomb in the world of female rap within the first few weeks of 2024 though she didn’t mention Nicki Minaj by name on her bold new his dist track the Houston hottie did mention Megan’s Law previously enforced to

Protect victims of sexual assault from their predators knowing the allegations following the Trinidadian husband Kenneth Petty for years now hipop heads immediately saw this line as taking shots at the couple and man has hardly stopped talking about it since of course the Barbie dreams artist isn’t the only person the stallion seemingly through

Shadeed on his but she’s certainly the most upset elsewhere others who came up in the blackhaired Beauties bars are happy to have their name mentioned in her music earlier this week Chris Jenner posted the song on her Instagram story playing the part where Megan hints at a management contract coming to fruition

In the future Megan the stallion praises chrisan Jenner’s management skills I feel like Mariah Carey got these and asteris gas so obsessed SL my pu asteris GIS why so famous might get managed by Chris Jenner next Tina snow Rhymes early on in the track at the stallion rolling

On the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing red heart she wrote over the snippet letting the world know that she gets Meg sense of humor the reality Starlet has long been supportive of female artists previously channeling Amy poers mean girls character for Ariana Grande’s thank you next visual in

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2018 thankfully for Megan the stallion she’s got plenty of supporters standing behind her amid all the backlash from his those working against her at this time chiefly include Nicki Manaj and the barbs though her ex-best friend Kelsey Nicole has also been on social media teasing her take on the queen of rap’s

Bigfoot diss track read more about that at the link below

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