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DJ Khaled Teases New Album with Travis Scott in Studio Session


Last year DJ kollet announced a new album coming soon he was pretty scanned on details and most of the attention went to the song he dropped supposed to be loved the song featured the high-profile Trio of Lil luzi vert Lil Baby and future and has racked up more

Than 12.5 million streams on Spotify since it dropped but fans that were still holding out for news on Cid’s entire new album just got an update this week Ked took to Instagram to share a video of him in the studio with Travis Scott the clip shows them vibing to

Attract but it has no audio so not much can be gleaned about the actual song itself soon as I played the beat La Fame fire said turn Mike microphone on of course I agreed new album and works at weather best fan love worldwide Globe showing Europe Africa can’t wait to

Share this new album experience with you the caption of the post reads once again colet is scanned on the details in terms of a timeline for the new album but fans are no doubt excited that it’s still in the works DJ colled working on new music with Travis Scott

Recently DJ Ked was announced as a judge on season 2 of the talent competition Rhythm plus flow he’s joining latto and ludicrous on the panel of judges for the show Eminem is also stepping into a special guest judging role for the upcoming season he’s following artists

Like cardi B and Chance the Rapper who appeared in season 1 colge continues to brush shoulders with all the biggest stars in music constantly just a few weeks ago he was linking up with frequent collaborator Drake to play some basketball video of the pair shooting some hoops with Ked

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Song Assad made the rounds on Instagram are you excited about an upcoming DJ Ked and Travis Scott collaboration when do you think ked’s new album will actually come out let us know in the comment section below

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