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Chrisean Rock Unfazed by Lost Followers After Debuting New Blueface Face Tattoo


Krisan Rock lost a massive amount of followers when she debuted her newest blueface tattoo but she’s completely unfaced the raer SL reality star unveiled a sizable portrait of her incarcerated child’s father on her face over the weekend much to her followers apparent dismay with many seemingly

Tired of the drama TMZ reports Rock lost over 200,000 followers after posting but in a post to Twitter SLX on Thursday February 1st Rock said she’s laughing all the way to the bank the more y’all hate the more popular I become she said I don’t give a about losing

Followers I get paid off my engagement SL algorithm if I’m getting 60 plus million views on my post 400k plus comments my promo prices just goes up or anything I sell stay sold out so continue the hate train it makes me hella money krisan got her first

Blueface tattoo in 2021 though it only took the form of his name and text the following year she got ink work of his entire face on her neck followed by a similar piece just a few months later on the side of her neck in between those two sessions the social media

Personality also contemplated removing one or more of her many tattoos of the rapper using laser surgery however she quickly changed her mind before going back on the decision and having it covered up in December despite their many breakups and fights that she has on more than one occasion

Accused of getting physical kisan made headlines when she announced last week that she was moving into blueface home despite his ongoing imprisonment the controversial figure took to social media to reveal the news on Thursday January 25th sharing in an Instagram story moving back with my baby daddy the blueface and cian crazy and

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Love star also shared a photo of a moving truck presumably heading from her home to the residence of her on again off again partner though cian sings intent on moving into the thiana rappers home home others in his life seem opposed to the idea to say the least bluefaced mom Carisa saffold commented

On a reblogging of kisan’s post by the neighborhood talk saying she bet not be mad when he come home and ask her to leave because she already know he don’t with her in real life she also revealed why she can’t move on from blue face despite their tumultuous

Relationship speaking on Instagram live krisan shed some light on her rocky relationship with the father of her child saying nobody outside of her and blue can understand their Dynamic the week before the Enga was locked up we had so much fun together that was so fun she said

It’s like best friend type Vibes nobody else can understand but us type I thought when he went to jail I was just going to be like all right cool great but then I ain’t going to hold you you see how I try move on and she

Continued one thing about it is I don’t want to talk up too bad on what happened long story short you know how you just fall back he changed in 2 seconds hell yeah huh on God

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