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DJ Khaled Teams Up with Gatorade for Super Bowl Capsule Collection


DJ Ked has announced that he’s partnering up with Gatorade for a new capsule collection ahead of the upcoming Super Bowl on Wednesday January 31st the Gatorade company announced in a press release that the capsule will include a branded towel a gatorade bottle and a Jordan brand fleece pullover hoodie made

From heavyweight French terry merges the three iconic brands of Gatorade we the best and Jordan brand The Collection comprises personalized GX bottles towels and Jordan brand hoodies I’ve Loved Gatorade since I was a kid and to this day I have it in the studio with me to

Fuel my creativity said DJ Ked in a statement I’m so blessed they gave me the keys to create this legendary capsule Gatorade we the best and Jordan brand we all icons and this is just proof the Gatorade collaboration isn’t the only thing that DJ colid has been

Promoting as of late earlier this week he teased a new Anthem with Travis Scott in a backstage studio session before Scott’s recent tour stop in Miami the Meetup which went down on Sunday January 28th was posted across two videos to ked’s Instagram in one soundless clip

Ked and La flame nod their heads along before a cut reveals footage of Travis laying down bars the I’m the one artist also pulls out a lighter bringing Stadium energy to the backstage linkup colid captioned the post soon as I played the beat law Fame said turn Mike

On of course I agreed new album in Works he added fan love worldwide can’t wait to share this new album experience with you the wild thoughts hitmaker has been making headlines recently for all the wrong reasons after a video of him eating snails while at a restaurant went viral

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In the clip which was shared to his Instagram account Ked looks into the camera while bragging about the delicacy while quickly tearing through the appetizer portion jokes flew because khed has said in the past that he won’t perform oral sex on his longtime wife Nicole tuck man eats everything except

His wife one person wrote someone else commented but he want eat his women another said that Boi knows that shi ain’t

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