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Sexyy Red Turns Joe Budden Podcast Drama into Meme Amidst Real Life Tension


Sexy red has taken footage of real life tension between Joe Button and one of his podcast co-hosts and turned it into a mean just a day after it began making the rounds online in an episode of The Joe Button podcast that premiered in its entirety on Thursday February 1st

Antoine marbie AKA is and the slaughterhouse MC got into a heated argument over the latter’s alleged betrayal involving a woman on Wednesday January 31st soon after the clip began going viral the Missouri native C out a portion of it that showed button seemingly throwing a tantrum and exclaiming then shut the up in

2024 in the caption of her Twitter post she wrote I ain’t spending on the girl I like it is worth noting that both media personalities have previously gone at each other over mancode violations though it isn’t entirely clear if it was over the same woman during an episode of

Their podcast last year ish called out button for linking up with his longtime ex-girlfriend even though the latter has said that his friends partners are off limits for him any girl I don’t give a who she is if I used to date her before she could have been my girlfriend

Anda marbie said if she want to give you some box that’s her box to give ish said I can’t police that box the New York MC then replied stop it you better stop it cuz I’ll get that bazooka right out that closet cuz if that was the case then why

Would you ever be questioning me about why your ex was at my my house he continued now you flustered looking stupid it’s a dialogue so your ex is at somebody’s house it’s her why you cursing and screaming I’m your friend I love you I did not do that to you

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Because I love you now I can’t talk over you catch your breath

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