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Kanye West Claims Adidas is Suing Him for $4 Billion Amid Ongoing Dispute


Kanye West has made claims that Adidas with whom he parted ways amid a series of controversial remarks about the Jewish Community back in 20122 is suing him for more than he’s worth on Wednesday January 31st the social media account of an atlanta-based sneaker company shared a photograph of a Yeezy

Pod to point out that the sizing doesn’t match the product’s proportions the caption read so this what they mean when size 3 fit size 10 to13 in the y y pod you caught wind of this and messaged to tap on Instagram to offer Insight on all that he’s currently

Dealing with in the fashion space revealing that his dispute with Adidas is far from over I worked for a year on these and put them out myself he wrote Michael Jordan wanted to do his own brand and Nike threatened Foot Locker to pull all they shoes out the stores

Adidas copied all my and treated me like Adidas is suing me for $4 billion and selling my shoes without paying me and they said I misused the marketing fund when I am the marketing that’s why they sent me the money in the first place you have no idea how much

Work I put into everything we do last year Adidas abruptly dropped its $75 million lawsuit against the rapper and producers brand following a week of intense litigation however the company stated that it would continue its Drive privately prior to that the German establishment was sued by investors over

Their Yeezy partnership with Kanye West which began in 2013 in the lawsuit Partners in the company said that Adidas reportedly disregarded issues in their partnership with Y by generally alluding to the risks rather than stating that the company had actually considered ending the partnership as a result of West’s personal

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Behavior in early 2023 the Chicago native reached an agreement with Adidas that would see the company unload the remaining designs in the Yeezy collection the new contract would allow the company to release and promote the existing product created under their previous deal with West however it did not make any

Provisions for a continuation of the collection reports valued the remaining Yeezy X Adidas products at approximately $500 million

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