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City Girls Look to Transform in 2024 with Yung Miami Teasing Yams Era


The city girls rap Duo consisting of young Miami and JT is looking to turn a new Leaf in 2024 young Miami had a great year from a business standpoint with her award-winning podcast but on the music side of things production was lacking their album raw was a flop sales wise as fans and

Critics clearly we not too intrigued with what they were doing but things seem to be on the up and up for JT and young Miami individually Lil vers Buu dropped a solid Banger sideways this past weekend for Miami she has a new era she wants to

Usher in she first hinted at this back in January in a vague tweet she wrote welcome to the yams era I’m so excited for this era of my life we about to have some fun to this day fans still are not sure what this all means if you search

The web for what yams is there are a couple of explanations one of which is a way to pronounce Miami Miami not surprisingly the Urban Dictionary also has some unique definitions of it young Miami is hungrier than ever before overall though it seems young Miami is really embracing where she is from and

Is going to bring that into whatever she does a month later after hinting at this new approach she posted a yams trailer on her Instagram in the video she is talking to whoever is recording her about making a comeback with shots of her in the studio

Making new music a sneak peek of a ginger hairstyle also seems to be her next look as she states it in the visuals as well Miami captioned the post saying welcome to the Y’s era the yams era is my prime time in the yams we do Ginger hair focus on ourselves and get

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Money yams is the new lingo to my fans the Ys this is the newest drop a roasted sweet potato if you’re ready JT swii and others flooded her comments with the yam emoji and support for this new outlook what are your thoughts on young Miami’s trailer for her yam’s era what do you

Think all of this means could an album be in the works is this more of a mindset or an approach to her music who will have a bigger solo year her or JT and why we would like to hear what you have to say about all of this with that

In mind be sure to leave all of your hottest takes in the comment section below

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