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Snoop Dogg Voices Discontent Over Grammy Wins as Snubs Continue


With the Grammys taking place over the weekend there’s been a lot of discussion over which artists are being snubbed for their work many thought that siza deserved the album of the Year award for her Landmark SOS though It ultimately went to Taylor Swift’s midnights it was an eily similar

Reaction to last year when the award went to Harry Styles for Harry’s house over what many felt was the more deserving album Beyonce’s Renaissance while some artists like Miley Cyrus and Victoria Monae took home their first ever Awards there were also widespread complaints about certain artists who have never taken home a

Grammy in the pop world the focus was on Lana Del last year the singer released her critically lotted album did you know that there’s a tunnel under Ocean Boulevard the album contained one of the most acclaimed and beloved songs of the entire year A&W the album and song were nominated

Four times with an additional nominations for her John Baptist collab candy necklace after none of them took home their Awards she now has 11 nominations and no wins similarly Nicki Minaj lost both of her nominations this year bringing her total to 12 nominations and no

Wins that came in spite of the fact that the Grammy’s account even mistakenly tweeted that she had won the best rap song award now Snoop Dogg is getting in on some similar criticism Snoop Dog calls out the Grammys for his lack of wins outpacing both Nikki and Lana in terms of

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Nominations without a win is Snoop Dog it’s hard to believe one of the most legendary figures in the history of rap has never won a Grammy but it’s true his earliest nomination came decades ago at the 36th Grammys there he was up for best rap performance by a duo or group

For his Dr Drake collab Nothing But a G tang in 2024 he now stands at 16 total nominations without a single win his most recent nomination technically comes from Kendrick Lamar to pimp a butterfly but his most recent nomination for his actual music came 2 years earlier that’s when reincarnated was up

For best reggae album what do you think of Snoop Dog criticizing the Grammys for how often he’s been nominated with no wins let us know in the comment section below

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