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Killer Mike’s Son Undergoes Kidney Transplant Amid Grammy Highs and Arrest


It’s been a busy 48 hours for Atlanta rapper Killer Mike the outcast collaborator and run the jewels member dropped his first solo album in more than a decade last year with Michael while the project wasn’t exactly a unanimous critical smash upon release it scored an impressive three nominations

In best rap album and best rap song and performance for the track scientists and Engineers even more impressive it took home all three Awards and culminated in Mike chanting sweep during his third Acceptance Speech but the moment was pretty quickly soured it was only a short time after he appeared on the

Grammy’s pre-show to accept his awards that something unexpected happened videos made the rounds online of Mike being walked out of the pre-show and handcuffs by police initially there was very little information of any kind as to what happened and why later it was revealed that he was arrested after an encounter

With the security at the event he was released later that day but when when cameras caught up with him he was unsurprisingly more willing to discuss his Awards than his arrest now there’s an entirely new development in the rapper’s life and it has to do with his son killer Mike’s son getting kidney

Transplant according to TMZ Mike’s 21-year-old son received a kidney transplant earlier today he’s reportedly been waiting for 3 years for a transplant before being moved up on the weit list last year not much else is known about the situation currently as it’s currently on ongoing when Mike finally did address his Grammy’s arrest

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He kept it pretty short and sweet we hit a speed bump and then we head back to the party he said Mike first won a Grammy for a collaboration with Outcast more than 15 years ago before following it up with his new Trio of wins what do

You think of killer Mike’s son receiving a kidney transplant just a day after the rapper was arrested and won three Grammys let us know in the comment section below

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