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Conway The Machine Sets the Record Straight on Mention in Benzino’s Diss Track Towards Eminem


Conway the machine is clarifying A few things after his name was mentioned in an effort to slide Eminem on Benzino’s latest disc toward the Detroit Hip Hop ion released last week the former owner of the source taunts M that con left your label on rap Elvis taking to

Instagram on Wednesday February 7th the Buffalo native clarified that he has nothing but love for M even if he’s no longer on Shady Records peace I just wanted to speak on a few things he began I heard the abis legendary joint and I just need to clear this up for

Everybody one I didn’t leave Shady Records also I never wanted to leave the label my contracts were simply fulfilled he continued two and most importantly I with at Eminem Shady Records co-founder and Eminem manager Paul at Rosenberg Shady Records EVP of an anr at Michael Heron at Shady Records

At 50 Cent and I could never feel any ill feeling feelings towards am andm Eng gas they gave some 35-year-old Street Eng gas from Buffalo that’s been shot in the head and did jail sentence as a chance and opportunity to make it out the hood and take care of my family so

I’m forever thankful for that so with that being said if you’re having feelings or whatever towards bruh leave me out of it please cuz I’m always going to ride with big bro love Griselda records signed a distribution deal with Shady Records in 2017 but it would take

Roughly 5 years for Conway the machine to deliver his first and only studio album for the imprint God don’t make mistakes in 2022 talking to the breast Club about his relationship with the rap legend that year he said yeah it was more business with memin I don’t want to say the wrong

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Thing I’m kind of careful but it was more business and rightfully so that’s how our relationship started we didn’t really have no I guess relationship like that we spoke a couple times on the phone kicked it with him a couple of times at coala and stuff like that but he a good

Dude he called me told my album was a classic man and he love what I’m doing I don’t got nothing bad to say about him but you know ye and HOV guys like that they more personal in a 2019 interview with Vlad TV he referred to M fans as

Nerds and STS which he later regretted in January 2022 Conway opened up about it during a freestyle over Kanye West’s jail instrumental in which he waps would you love me if you knew the old me slash before the bag before the Raleigh SL before I signed a deal with Shady with

The Raleigh SL speaking of shady man after my interview I did with Vlad I felt awful slash but I learned you got to watch what you say in interviews it could cost

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