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Joe Budden Criticizes Travis Scott and Playboi Carti’s Grammy Performance


Joe Button was not a fan of Travis Scott and Playboy card’s performance at the 2024 Grammy Awards the outspoken New Jersey native discussed the show on the latest episode of his aonomus podcast clips of which began being shared on Wednesday February 7th and while he’s praised Travis latest album Utopia in

The past button apparently did not feel it translated to the Grammy stage what the is Travis and his man doing up here he questioned hey you two bozos get the off the stage when Eng gas got beautiful women and tuxedos on honestly you up there smashing you

Got the nerve he continued all that looked different when it ain’t a thousand little white kids jumping up and down when there are grown people here all that Fe n Fe n Fe n that’s what you wanted to win over Killer Mike you’re stupid you bring your man

Out Playboy cardi and the crowd just stays silent Playboy cardi looked confused like y’all don’t know who I am no Enga you got a mask on who the are you under there you are not at South by Southwest anymore we can’t recognize you bozos by the stocking mask

You wearing I hate these Eng gas man all of M I love that song I love that song but not when tuxedos are out take that to the dirty Coachella grass Anda and gas showered and lathered themselves tonight like Joe Button mentioned Travis Scott was upset that Killer Mike won

Best rap album over Utopia and called the Grammys out for snubbing him during his performance at the ceremony La flame delivered a medly of Utopia tracks while on stage and during a fiery rendition of Fe and alongside Playboy cardi he ad lied the phrase they slept on me 10

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Times in reference to his 10 lifetime nominations but zero wins at the awards Scott closed out his set by Smashing folding chairs against the ground mirroring a segment of his circus Maximus film the Houston native Soul nomination at last night’s Awards was for best rap album with Utopia going up

Against NS King’s disease 3 metro boomman heroes and villains Drake and 21 Savages collaborative effort her loss and eventual winner Killer Mike Michel after the winner a best rap album was announced Scott appeared to voice his displeasure on X for Twitter by posting a raised eyebrow Emoji prior to the loss

The Cactus Jack creative had spoken about his enthusiasm for Utopia being nominated for best rap album I was like yes okay this time we just got to bring it home he said on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon while recalling his reaction to the news it means a lot

To me I love music and I love the recording Academy some of the most amazing and talented artists have achieved that and as a producer and as a writer and as a musician I take music very seriously so I love it it’s

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