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Drake Sets $3M Price Tag for Air Drake Private Jet Experience


Drake has revealed to Aiden Ross that he needs $3 million to fly on the rapper’s private jet air Drake the Revelation came as Drake dialed into Ross latest stream however Ross who is either a multi-millionaire or broke depending on the day appeared confident that he could

Put the money together to cop a ride on the luxury airliner despite this Drake held firm and let Ross know that there were no friends and family discount on an air Drake trip it was $3 million or nothing air Drake is a customized Boeing 767 to 200 that Drizzy acquired through

A commercial partnership with cargo jet it features a sky blue and white Livery designed by Drake’s late friend Virgil ablo the fully customized interior has been likened to a five-star hotel and features at least three private Suites and two living rooms 21 Savage promises to pay $400,000 gambling debt to Aiden Ross

Ross is going to go a long way towards that $3 million Benchmark thanks to a recent confrontation with 21 Savage the UK born Atlanta rapper has promised to pay Aiden Ross $400,000 after the streamer discovered that the rapper crew had brought marked cards for their gambling stream 21

Denied any knowledge of the cards but said he would honor his debt and pay Ross the full amount he owed the rapper had been down $400,000 at one point in the Stream before making a miraculous comeback eventually cashing out with Ross owing him $120,000 despite 21’s pledge commenters

Online still came after the rapper for the seemingly Shady Behavior 21 a bum for this one person noted this is why his last album flopped added another however not everyone was convinced by the situation in today’s episode of totally not made up by Aiden Ross for the internet clicks argued another streamer

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Do you think Ross is faking drama for Content or did 21 really try to hustle him let us know your thoughts in the comments

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