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Wendy Williams’ Tell All Documentary Set to Air on Lifetime


Where is Wendy Williams a tell all documentary from the radio and TV Legend will air on Lifetime later this month the first trailer for The two-part show is the first sighting of Williams in over a year after she retired from public view due to ill health the

Trailer linked below is not exactly easy viewing Williams drinks and cries as she recounts her long struggle over the past few years it’s unclear if this is the documentary that Williams was spotted film in early 23 the last time Williams was seen in public was at her childhood

Home in New Jersey as part of a new reality show that was expected to air last fall however fall came and went without a release leaving fans confused and concerned for Williams will you be watching where is Wendy Williams when it drops on February 24th and 25 Wendy Williams relocates to

Florida furthermore the news of the documentary comes around a week after news broke concerning Williams current location radio host and Williams longtime friend Miss Jones claimed that Williams had quietly relocated to Florida with her family several months ago Jones revealed that she had attempted a wellness check on Williams

Only to be told by employees at Williams former building that she was several months too late the move reportedly coincided with Revelations about William’s Health as well as the fact that her family were concerned that her teen was taking advantage of her William’s son claimed that her teen were

Making decisions on the media veterans behalf and had even Frozen Williams out of her bank accounts responding to the news many fans offered their well wishes to Williams I’m not wishing anything on anyone I’m a Believer in God and I believe God can heal Wendy and restore

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Her I pray the will of God for her and I pray for those who surround her as well one person said anyone who grew up in NYC listening to Wendy knows that this is truly sad Kevin destroyed her I don’t ever see her coming back to broadcasting so so sad added another

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