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Druski’s Reality Show Trailer Coulda Been House Drops with Star Studded Cameos


Dusk’s new trailer for his reality show could haveen house has dropped and features cameos from the likes of Snoop Dog and Chris Brown the trailer which dropped on YouTube on Saturday February 10th features the comedian and record label owner approaching the show concept from a big brother-like perspective and

Features the dog father as a deao label head in what seems to be a sendup of Making the Band the rest of the trailer however Carin through various reality TV Tropes integrating every from arrests and angry judges to ambulances and TMZ Chris Brown even leads a dance competition of sorts and somehow midgets

On toilets and Birdman also make an appearance hhdx YouTube video player play button drusky trailer it must be made clear to that could have been records is a parody label during an appearance on Undisputed that aired on Tuesday February 6th host skip bis asked the comedian about cabin house which live on YouTube

We pretty much did this with our own money and put all the contestants from could have been records the label in one house competing for $50,000 he explained so you know we giving out opportunities brother but we ain’t just giving it you got to earn it could have

Been records is based on Birdman’s Cash Money Records which is most evident from the resemblance in their brand logos for that reason the Maryland comedian has been in the hot seat ever since baby caught wind of his Antics the beef which many suspect is a bit escalated last year as the

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54-year-old mobile and his people mobbed druski and stole his blame in early November the New Orleans native shared a picture of himself holding a chain with the kabin logo on it in the caption he wrote surprise party B asterisk TCH Slippin in studio SLR gang the following

Day TMZ published CCTV footage of Stunna and two other people pulling up on the funny man inside a studio and subsequently engaging in what the outlet called a minor scuffle as the confrontation turned physical druski and his crew were caught on camera running away sure enough he disputed the reports

Soon after and claimed that there was more to the story than the footage circulating online of course TMZ wouldn’t show all the camera angles I handled mines 100 emoji # was running to the trunk #d get back a he wrote on social media next to a carousel of

Images included in the photo and video set where the headline in question the accompanying footage a clip of Forest Gump running and a snippet from an Instagram live between Soulja Boy and famous deck wherein the latter keeps yelling go get your

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