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Meek Mill Endorses Robert Kraft’s Super Bowl Ad Against Antisemitism


Meek Mill has given his coign to Robert Craft’s newest Super Bowl ad which features Civil Rights era veterans speaking up against anti-Semitism put on by Crafts Foundation to combat anti-Semitism fcas the organization’s first ever Super Bowl ad features Dr Clarence B Jones who once served as a draft speech writer and

Legal counsel for Dr Martin Luther King Jr in August 1963 Dr Jones assisted Dr King in drafting the iconic I Have a Dream speech delivered at the historic March on Washington on August 28th of that year he served as legal counsel strategic adviser and draft speech

Writer for Dr King and was also a successful attorney entrepreneur and investment banker on Monday February 8th the dreams and nightmares rapper made a post about a phone call between the billionaire philanthropist and Dr Jones which turned out to be a promotion for the upcoming ad which you can check out

Below last year Meek Mill showed his support for Robert Craft after the New England Patriots owner committed $25 million to an initiative aimed at helping fight discrimination the NFL owner announced on March 27th that he was spearheading this standup to Jewish hate Campaign which would be launched through his foundation to combat

Anti-Semitism the program aims to raise awareness about the skyrocketing incidents of anti-Semitism both online and in person around the country and included advertisements aired during the voice Kelly Clarkson show and Watch What Happens live with Andy Cohen Meek expressed his support for craft and the initiative on Twitter showering him with

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Diamond emojis after reposting an article discussing the program shout out to Robert he added in his tweet according to people the MMG rapper and former Patriot star Tom Brady will use their platforms to help promote the campaign Meek Mill and Robert Craft previously collaborated with Jay-Z and Philadelphia 76ers co-owner Michael

Rubin to develop their Criminal Justice Reform organization reform Alliance the dreams and nightmares rapper and Rock Nation boss even gifted craft a blue drop top Bentley for his 80th birthday to thank him for all his hard work the luxury vehicle came with a massive birthday card that read happy

80th birthday Robert Craft the inside of the card read except you look 40 and act 25 craft also previously visited Meek Mill in prison in 2018 he’s an amazing young man craft told reporters at the time outside the State Correctional Institution Chester I know how I’d feel if I were in

The situation he is HEK very intelligent craft continued makes it clear to me we have to do something with criminal justice

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