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Fabolous Sparks Speculation of Feud with Cryptic Instagram Post


Fabulous is feeling fiery these days for multiple reasons and an Instagram story post from Friday February 2nd is the main reason why fans think moreover he addressed a mystery enemy with some short but scathing statements I saved your reputation by only telling my side of the story stay humble of course the

New York MC could be talking about anyone here and fans also have a new piece of evidence to unpack for more answers he released a music video for the calling you up freestyle on Saturday February 3rd another reimagining of a recent Drake beat he flows really well

On it has some sharp and boastful bars and even references Drizzy her lost partner 21s asterisk vague echoing the Toronto Superstars Own Line about the slaughter gang spitter on that instrumental alas there’s not much to gain here when it comes to this unknown Feud as there are little to no bars that

Seem particularly pointed that’s not to say it’s not good as the performance and Charisma here is still solid furthermore that’s a talent that fabulous has always championed and represented but something that he’s reminding younger generations of a lot these days for example another of his recent freestyles is the cut snooze and

It lives up to his Freestyle Friday series High bar of quality control fabulous cryptic IG shots however there is one freestyle that opened up some family wounds namely the installment selfish which seems to address his estranged relationship with his stepdaughter tyena Williams selfishness will make someone comment under your pick fabulous raps on

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The song when he took care of you and your mama since you were six SL who selfish SL maybe we all are many felt that this was a direct shot at Williams who blasted him as an absent father in a comment under his 2022 post congratulating his then 2-year-old

Daughter Journey calling for You Freestyle watch the music video This post is hilarious tyena expressed along with crying laughing emojis might not know when you going through it but you’ll get it at the end is translation 4 equals I haven’t taken care of my daughter in almost a year and

Don’t even ask about her well-being because IDC and embitter and I’m only a father to my two beautiful sons who I can manipulate stop playing with the

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