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Killer Mike Arrested After Alleged Altercation at Grammys Following Three Wins


Killer Mike has been arrested following an alleged altercation at the Grammys just hours after winning three Awards TMZ obtained footage of both the alleged incident and arrest which saw Mike escorted out of the awards ceremony in handcuffs on Sunday February 4th however he was later released from custody according to the outlet the

Rapper was booked on a battery charge through a citizen’s arrest after he allegedly got into a physical altercation with a security guard TMZ claimed that Mike knocked down a security guard for not moving out of his way while the clip does not include evidence of Mike knocking down anybody

It does show the run the jewels rapper in a faceof with a number of security Personnel in the video of Mike being led Away by police one bystander can be heard shouting free Mike earlier in the evening Killer Mike picked up three Grammy Awards sweeping every category he

Was nominated in his song scientists and Engineers featuring Andre 3000 future and Aaron Allen Kane won the awards for best rap song and best rap performance he won his third Award for best rap album for his solo LP Michael which was also crowned the best rap album of 2023 by hip hop

DX when receiving his trophy Mike said this is for all the people who think you’re too old to rap we keep hip hop alive never ever stop doing what you do exhibit called for an explanation as to why the Atlanta rap veteran was taking in by police writing on X formerly

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Twitter it’s absolutely necessary to find out who made that call and why they arrested or detained at Killer Mike after his well-deserved sweep of the rap categories at this year’s Grammys congratulations are in order at Killer Mike but we must find out who did this Steven A Smith also compared

The situation to the infamous Will Smith slap on Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars saying to be clear I am not advocating that will should have gotten arrested but that happened in La too so if W could be left alone how come they couldn’t wait until after the Grammys to

Deal with Killer Mike why ruin his evening over an alleged misdemeanor but leave will alone over a flagrant assault what’s different Killer Mike has not yet commented on the incident and neither have the recording a

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