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Doja Cat’s Daring Grammy Outfit Showcases New Tattoos


DOA cat turned heads at the 2024 Grammys with yet another outlandish outfit which this time was accompanied by some new ink the Scarlet rapper attended the awards show which were held in Los Angeles on Sunday February 4th wearing a mostly see-through dress that revealed a number of tattoos all over her body on

Her forehead DOA had tattooed the name of Turkish British fashion designer delara fago who made her dress on her cheek she had tattooed aermo who is a Swedish tattoo artist known for his high-profile clients in the sport and entertainment Industries other tattoos visible include a cathedral across her

Chest and a sun on her throat Do’s dress meanwhile was positioned so that a potion of her nipples were on show the 28-year-old was nominated for three Awards best rap song attention best melodic rap performance attention and best pop solo performance but lost in each category while it has yet to be be

Confirmed it is not believed the tattoos are permanent as DOA cat posted a photo on Friday February 2nd without all of the extra ink though the outlandish tattoos may not be permanent the paint the town red hit maker already has her fair share of ink despite only getting her first tat in

2022 one of her recent additions was of a large bat on her back which she said was inspired by death alongside a picture of the tattoo she posted a screenshot about the meaning of bats saying they often present death in the sense of letting go of the old and

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Bringing in the new they are symbols of transition of initiation and the start of a new beginning some of DOA cat in has been met with backlash particularly her tattoo of a scaled animal Amalgamated with female genitalia expressing concern that doa’s work would be inspired by the devil one

Ex-user wrote what’s the point of writing your music and creating something if it isn’t considered Timeless I hope that this album has no demonic influence if it does not worth listening to I said what I said if you don’t like it take your grievances to at God and at Jesus

Slay girl yes DOA wrote in response sarcastically another critic added I show up when it’s time for their soul to go to hell now play on that at doic cat the only person in a ritual putting demonic on my page to which Doo replied honestly work the LA native is

No stranger to creating head lines on the red carpet she turned up to the 2023 Met Gala dressed as a cat which was apparently a tribute to Carl logger feld’s feline friendship

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