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Travis Scott Expresses Grammy Snub Frustration During Electric Performance


Travis Scott has called out the Grammys for snubbing him during his performance at the very awards ceremony La flame delivered a medley of Utopia tracks at the 2024 Grammys on Sunday February 4th and during a fiery rendition of Fe and alongside Playboy cardi he ad lied the

Phrase they slept on me 10 times in reference to his 10 nominations but zero wins at the awards Scott also closed out his set by Smashing folding chairs against the ground although it’s unclear if this was an act of frustration or merely part of his typically amped up show the Houston

Native Soul nomination at last night’s Awards was for best rap album with Utopia going up against NS King’s disease 3 metro boomman heroes and villains Drake and 21 Savages collaborative effort her loss and eventual winner Killer Mike schichel after the winner of best rap album was announced Scott appeared to voice his

Displeasure on X formerly Twitter by posting a raised eyebrow Emoji Travis Scott was previously nominated for best rap album in 2019 for AST World alongside push a Daytona nipy hustle Victory lap MC Miller as swimming and cardi BS invasion of privacy cardi picked up the win that year making her

The first solo female artist to ever win the award Lauren Hill previously won best rap album as part of the Fuji Scott also had two other nominations that year both for his hit single sio mode which was up for best rap performance and best rap song it

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Lost out in the former category to Joint winner bubblin by Anderson Pock and King’s dead by Jrock Kendrick Lamar future and James Blake and God’s plan by Drake in the latter prior to his latest loss the Cactus Jack creative had spoken about his enthusiasm for Utopia being nominated for best rap

Album I was like yes okay this time we just got to bring it home he said on the The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon while recalling his reaction to the news it means a lot to me I love music and I love the recording Academy some of the most amazing and

Talented artists have achieved that and as a producer and as a writer and as a musician I take music very seriously so I love it it’s amazing with the Grammys now in his rear view Travis Scott is set to perform next weekend at billionaire Micha Rubin Super Bowl party

The A-list Affair will also feature performances by Ice spice Meek Mill ludicrous Neo ASAP Ferg and Lil Baby Scott’s new film aggro doctor 1ft is also set to Premiere this week at a Los Angeles strip club before touring around the rest of the US according to its

Synopsis the film is about a melancholic assassin Named Boo as he prepares to Vanquish a demonic crime Lord in a Floridian realm of vivid pinks blazing yellows and deep purples but the particulars of its minimalist plot are largely mood the vibe is what’s Paramount the film is directed by

Harmony kin and star Scott alongside Jordi mola who is best known for his villainous role in bad boy

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