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Fast Life Yungstaz Respond to Taylor Swift’s Viral Swag Surfin Moment


Fast life young staz the group behind swag Surfin have reacted to Taylor Swift bringing renewed attention to their 2009 hit song the track has had a Resurgence since New Year’s Eve when Kansas City Chief’s linebacker Willie gay requested the song from the sidelines which was then played during the next defensive

Drive Taylor Swift who is famously dating Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce recently joined in on the dance with the rest of the stadium helping it to go viral group members Michael mfly V and moo along with collaborator EA dollon recently caught up with TMZ to share their thoughts on the viral moment my

Initial reaction to Taylor Swift swag Surfin was I thought it was dope Muk said I automatically knew it was gone be a good look just because of who she is what she got going on our streams across all platforms is up 700% our YouTube numbers done went up we done gained

20,000 subscribers in like 2 weeks man so everything is up it’s just been a dope thing to watch everything unfold so quickly like that we saw a jump when other viral moments happened but this is probably the biggest jump in the viral moments shout out to those

Swifties fast life young staz even gave Taylor Swift the green light to hop on a remix of the song with EA dollar ton joking she got a rap though she got a wrap on that thing man Muk chimed in nah that be dope and then look she could

Bring us out at the concerts too man on tour so it’s dope bruh Taylor can do whatever she want to do man PES recently took to social media to make sure fast life young stas got the credit they deserve for starting the swag surfing Trend I love seeing Taylor Swift and the

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Kansas City Chiefs rock out to swag surfing on Sundays he wrote on X formerly Twitter but media let stop acting like they created it acknowledging the role that black colleges particularly those in the South have played in the songs enduring popularity he added let’s get props to

Fly Atlanta and the HBCU Community for birthing the phenomenon during an interview with hipop DX in 2022 run it up records founder and CEO city under siege explained the explosion of fastlife young St swag Surfin cityy said he heard this song at a college bar when it was a bubbling underground cut and

Instantly recognized its potential to be something greater as soon as the Beat Drops every kid in the club jumps up he recalled I promise you the roof lifts off the club it was the most magical music moment I’ve ever seen in my life after witnessing its power City promised

Himself he would make it his mission to get more ears on the song I’m going to make sure that everybody in the world sees what I just saw he recalled telling himself City ended up Landing a meeting with LA Reed who in stly wanted to be part of its

Distribution the record comes on them infectious horns the crack rock of horns City explained speaking of the moment he played swag Surfin for the record executive La Reed tells the staff what y’all think about that record I don’t give a what y’all think about that record we taking it number one the song


Peaked at number 62 on the Billboard Hot 100 but has made an even bigger impact as a black College Anthem it’s the record they play to unite everybody

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