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Megan Thee Stallion Claps Back at Nicki Minaj’s Big Foot Diss


Megan the stallion has clapped back at Nicki Minaj in response to her Bigfoot disc song and social media attacks speaking on the live radio app station head coincidentally a platform favored by Minaj on Thursday February 1st the Houston native taunted her rap rival by warning her don’t make me call Rock

Nation this appeared to be in response to Nikki’s recent claims that the jayzy founded label which manages Megan are paying people to badmouth her on social media and employing Bots to promote Megan’s single hiss which sparked the beef Tina snow also appeared to respond to a direct line said by Nikki on

Bigfoot saying if we go number one I might put the straw back in the Hennessy referencing his challenging for the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 this was seemingly a reply to the lyric your flow is such a boore slash drink in a bottle of Henny through a straw these

Are the first comments that Megan the stallion has made since Nicki Minaj released Bigfoot which mocked the death of her mother her shooting at the hands of Tory lanes and her alleged liposuction among other things Nikki has largely been criticized for how she has handled the feud most recently catching

Flack for comparing Megan’s shooting to Chris Brown’s Infamous 2009 assault on then girlfriend Rihanna the young money hitmaker has also been forced to deny that she is taking cocaine after a number of users on social media accused her of going on a coch rant against Megan Rock Nation have also been

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Targeted by Manaj in one of her many social media TI raides over the last week she singled out the company’s CEO desire Perez and said she had a Dis Track especially for her spending Su so much money crying Emoji but she’s the little broke independent artist Nikki

Wrote Desiree you got to let it go baby the world knows she’s ass and Can’t Rap stop fk& trying to make fetch happen # Bigfoot I just put out a song with n o promo no video it’s already number two she continued on the next song I delve

Into all the PPL Desiree allegedly fired for unknown reasons other things as well so many PPL were blindsided and hurt by her allegedly she’s willing to go broke to try to replace me Fix It Jesus #

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