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Fivio Foreign Sparks Controversy by Accusing Natalie Nunn of Cheating on Husband


In one of the oddest and least expected crossover stories in pop culture this week fibo forign just accused Natalie nun of cheating on her husband Jacob Payne moreover he made these claims during his appearance on math Hoff as my expert Opinion podcast and specifically alleged that one of his friends is the

One who she’s cheating on pain with apparently that’s how the rapper knows about it while this speculation came out of the blue on the show itself many fans responded to this in the comments and not how the reality star faced many rumors like these before however other social media users

Blasted fivo forign for seemingly telling on his friend’s Business Without respect for that privacy as such maybe Natalie nun will have to address this soon in some way and question why she even came up in his press run in the first place curiously the two have a common link in Nicki

Minaj who shouted nun out on Lil Uzi Bird’s endless fashion and who has collaborated with and praised her fellow New Yorkers in the past in fact he even thought that she was shouting him out on her recent song everybody but hilariously realized that he was mistaken fivio forign claims a friend of

His is getting with Natalie nun watch regardless they both have their own careers to worry about right now and their own situations to address still it’s just so odd to see fivio forign and Natalie nuns world’s crossover in such a scandalous way allegedly through a common friend

Maybe he’ll get his own invite to baddies as none wants to convice folks like rose Blanchard to hop on folks brought up that they had beef before but she said that was all fake Jokes Aside fivio has a lot to discuss amid the release of his new album his appearances

In the media ranged from triumphant to controversial and from inspiring to boastful with that in mind let’s see if there’s anything else that comes out about this specific situation and if none will have to throw some hands around the rapid industry for more news and the latest updates on fivo forign and Natalie

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