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Wyclef Jean Teases Fugees’ Reunion Tour and Collaborations with Lil Wayne


W left Jee recently sat down for a new interview with all hip hop and he had a lot of different topics to talk about one of these is his own musical Endeavors and next career moves but he also spoke on the Fuji’s postponed reunion tour shows and whether they’ll

Hit the road together again of course the Haitian Legends word is not super solid confirmation of this because we can’t really know for sure until the dates are set in stone but we’re very excited about this trk still being in the cards for the group members not only that but the 54-year-old also

Teased future collaborations with another hip-hop Superstar I would say to everybody we’re picking back up on the Fuji tour this year W left Jean posited who recently released the financially conscious single Paper right if you missed the Fuji last year catch the Fuji this year another big thing I’m excited about is

My Netflix movie called Prince of Porto Prince which is based on my childhood and how I escaped poverty through imination so look out for that that’s going to be amazing me and Lil Wayne we’re in the studio working on some secret cool music so yeah a lot of good

Things to look out for in 2024 we’re coming for sure 100% white left Jean and the Fuji performing in November in fact it’s curious that W left Gene mentioned these Lil Wayne collabs because he seems really tight with the Fuji as a whole he even freestyled on stage with them

And performed a Millie during a November show and even other rappers couldn’t help but Express shock and awe the game remarked that this performance gave him chills and a lot of fans who caught it in person or online seemed to agree hopefully there are even more great moments like these for these supposedly

Upcoming shows meanwhile this reunion tour falls under some bizarre context thanks to member press legal troubles as of late while it’s unclear how much this will affect these upcoming shows it seems like everyone will be able to move on just fine are you looking forward to

These next moves let us know in the comments and

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