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Offset Hits Florida Casino Solo Amidst Reunion Rumors with Cardi B


It’s no secret that cardi B and offset’s breakup was pretty messy after sharing the news in December the femc immediately took to social media to put her former man on blast what actually led to the split has yet to be confirmed but fans had been under the impression that the duo wasn’t

On the best of terms up until she announced that they slept together on New Year’s Eve at that point supporters were left more confused than ever The Bongo performer promptly addressed speculation that they were back together however insisting that she was still single Flash Forward to last week when

Reunion rumors reignited after they were spotted at Carbone on Valentine’s Day while the exair seemingly staggered their entrances to the Miami restaurant they left in the same car making it clear that they had spent the Romantic holiday together offset gambles in Florida only days after the apparent

Date night offset appears to have spent his weekend alone gambling in Florida TMZ got footage of the performer playing cards at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood Florida last night February 17th reportedly dropping at least a few grand it’s possible that offset was

Trying to win back some of what he lost on his Super Bowl bet he reportedly put $1 million on the San Francisco 49ers which obviously didn’t work out in his favor either way things are looking up for offset overall as his eagerly anticipated Set It Off tour is quickly approaching

The Georgia born artist will kick things off in Philly at the beginning of March he’ll also be joined by skila Baby sley World go and why are in mango Fu what do you think of offset being spotted at a casino in Florida gambling alone how about rumors that he and cardi be could

Have gotten back together what about his massive Super Bowl bet share your thoughts in the comments section down below

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