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Four new members join Parliament – UG Standard


The Dokolo Woman MP-Elect, Sarah Aguti, taking oath on Wednesday, 03 April 2024 in the Chamber. She was escorted by UPC Party MPs

Four new Members of Parliament have taken oath during the plenary sitting on Wednesday, 03 April 2024 presided over by Deputy Speaker, Thomas Tayebwa.

Dokolo District Woman MP, Hon. Sarah Aguti, on the UPC ticket was the first to take the Oath of Allegiance and the Oath of a Member of Parliament.

Hon. Aguti, who committed to deliver true representation, replaces the late Hon. Cecilia Ogwal, who passed on in January 2024.

David Ochwa, replaces Polycarp Ogwari as the Agule County MP, following a Court of Appeal ruling last month that ejected the latter from the House citing his illegal nomination for the 2021 general elections.

Thereafter, Hon. Kenneth Omona, the Minister of State for Northern Uganda and Hon. Balaam Barugahara, the Minister of State for Gender, Labour and Social Development (Youth and Children Affairs), both ex officio members, also took their oaths.

The duo was appointed to Cabinet on 21 March 2024 alongside Hon. Phiona Nyamutooro, the State for Energy and Mineral Development (Minerals), and Gen. Wilson Mbasu Mbadi, the Minister of State for Trade, Industry and Cooperatives (Trade).

Hon. Nyamutooro and Gen. Mbadi did not take the oaths upon their appointment as they are elected Members of Parliament.

Hon. Barugahara promised to serve the country while Hon. Omona said that he was glad to return to Parliament after many years away.

Hon. Nyamutooro expressed gratitude to the President for recognising and capitalising on the energy that young people have to offer in the leadership of Uganda.

“I pledge that as a representative of the young people, our pace is set and we look forward to seeing how best Uganda can fully utilise its natural resources to fast track our development as a country,” she said.

There are 556 MPs in the 11th Parliament as at 03 April 2024.

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