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Freddie Gibbs Finds Love on Valentine’s Day, Leaving Behind Ex Girlfriend Drama


Freddy Gibbs is celebrating Valentine’s Day with his new partner leaving behind the tension with his ex-girlfriend that followed him throughout 2023 on Wednesday February 14th the 41-year-old MC revealed that he is in a relationship with only fans model Jasmine grenaway through a joint social media post with her the Instagram share

Features the couple holding each other lovingly while looking out at the Dubai Skyline during what appears to be sunset Lauren Hills nothing even matters plays over the clip of the big reveal in the caption the rapper’s new companion wrote Happy Valentine’s Day at Freddy Gibbs I’m in love with you

Unconditionally thank you for existing you are my soulmate last year Gibbs ex-girlfriend Destiny aka the Fit Mommy accused him of ghosting her the two began dating in 2020 and weren’t shy about documenting their relationship on social media from traveling to Paris together to buying matching Cubs jerseys in May she claimed

He suddenly began ignoring her after she got pregnant despite saying he wanted to start a family with her so y’all remember when I dated Freddy Gibbs right well let’s talk about it the adult film star wrote so Freddy and I met in 2020 when he slid into my DMs on

Instagram and for the record he always knew I did porn and was very supportive after we made it official blog started posting about us we didn’t care we were just having fun shortly after after that it was time to go to Europe we went we enjoyed it everything was great we would

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Always talk about having a baby none of it was one-sided she continued after we got back from Europe his Stateside tour started everything was good until we got jumped in Buffalo New York here’s me fighting looking thick in the orange Freddy is in the back in the green

Destiny then shared the viral footage of Gibbs getting beat up in Buffalo which was allegedly instigated by Benny The Butcher crew due to the pair’s ongoing feud that day really changed everything for me she continued I ended up having to get a prescription for Xanax because I was so paranoid I was having

Nightmares it was horrible I felt like I was going crazy at times Destiny made other allegations about their sexual relationship which included him supposedly spreading his cheeks for her prompting spry Gibbs to Trend online soon after Gibbs tweeted out five words on social media in response to the onslaught of accusations

That were thrown his way which included Destiny paying for his phone I ain’t got no phone he wrote in a tweet which has since been viewed millions of times

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