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Ma$e Criticizes Larsa Pippen Following Split from Marcus Jordan, ‘You’re Not Lori Harvey!’


Mallerie has a few words for Lara Pippen following her split for Marcus Jordan words that include a comparison to Lori Harvey rumors of a split seemed imminent after the 49-year-old deleted all photos with Michael Jordan’s 33-year-old son from her Instagram page over the weekend then added seemingly subliminal posts to

Her story including a poll that asked should your friends unfollow your ex and a video about trusting your inner voice people then confirmed the breakup just in time for mallerie to discuss it on a new episode of his Sports Talk Show it is what it is on Tuesday February

13th how dare she have any rebuttal for taking a man 16 years younger than you and acting like he’s the problem he began you’re the adult what are you talking about ain’t you Scotty’s ex-wife now you mad with the pippens and the Jordans you got no future in Chicago

I can tell you that you metad with Batman and Robin and now baby Batman this is really embarrassing what was you thinking your kids grew up with this boy somebody got to tell people the truth you were taking advantage of him he added I really don’t like this

Situation and then gone to lead all his pictures like he’s the problem Larsa you’re not 21 you’re not Lori Harvey you got to stop this hhdx YouTube video player play button YouTube video Moder goes off on Lara Pippen over Marcus Jordan breakup you’re not Lori Harvey Lara Pippen and

Marcus Jordan became official in January 2023 after being spotted kissing out on a walk in Miami rumors had swirled for months prior but the pair insisted they were just friends mallerie previously weighed in on the relationship last June after Scotty Pippen said that Michael Jordan widely regarded as the greatest

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Basketball player of all time was a horrible player before they became team teammates and dominated the NBA to Murda this was likely a result of bitterness over his ex-wife dating Jordan’s son Scotty is Wilding the Harlem native said you’re going way overboard Scotty you’re making it obvious that Mike’s son being

With your wife is getting to you it’s just mindboggling to think that you are this messed up over Michael Jordan’s son as for Lori Harvey mallerie seemingly mentioned her because the 27-year-old has also had a very public private life albeit typically with men her own age she has previously been linked to

Michael B Jordan and future among

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