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DPP withdraws charges against Kisoro NRM leader


Ramathan Nikuyenze who has been set free by the Court. PHOTO URN

Kisoro, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The Director of Public Prosecutions, Jane Frances Abodo has withdrawn charges of aggravated trafficking in persons against Ramathan Ndikuyenze is the Central Division Chairperson of Kisoro Municipality and the Vice Chairperson of the National Resistance Movement.

The State Attorney, Richard Biruvumbuki on Wednesday tendered before the International Crimes Division Judge, Richard Wejuli Wabwire a letter dated January 15th, 2024 in which the DPP was communicating her decision to discontinue proceedings against Ndikuyenze.

The judge was left with no choice but to endorse the withdrawal and discharge of Ndikuyenze unless held on other charges.

The records before the Court show that Ndikuyenze who was being represented by Lawyer Evans Ochieng is a resident of Kyahi Village Northern Division Nyagashinji in Kisoro District.

Investigations into the case commenced when the complainant George Mugisha reported the disappearance of his daughter to the police at Kampala Metropolitan and Nansana Police Station.

The police investigated the report and from their findings, it was established that the victim was a student at Kisoro Progressive  Secondary School in Senior three. It was also established that the victim was living with her parents and the elder sister.

The documents show that during COVID-19 which led to the closure of schools in 2021, the victim became bored and decided to search for a job.  It is said that the victim came into contact with Ramathan Ndikuyenze who promised to set up a business for her. Ndikuyenze reportedly also promised to give the victim one of his buildings.

According to the indictment, the duo met several times and the accused lured the victim to leave home without her parent’s permission with promises of making her his wife.

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“That the accused brought the victim to one of his buildings that he had earlier promised to give her located in Kusinika and gave her 400,000 shillings to shop for her proposed new home” reads the documents.

The documents further show that the victim’s sister convinced and counseled her to stop the cohabitation and return to her parents which she did.

“Upon her return, the victim was highly traumatized. She had miscarried a baby from an undisclosed clinic in Kisoro and decided to drop out of school because she could not stand the trauma of constantly being referred to as the accused’s wife,” adds the document.

The victim is said to have escaped to Kampala where she got a job as a housemaid but the miscarriage complications resurfaced. She became ill and was traced in a Muyenga clinic.

Police later arrested Ndikuyenze who was in prison for some good months before he could be granted bail at one million shillings cash on the charges that were withdrawn by the DPP.



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